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Tuesday05 December 2023

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At Big Deal Entertainment, we strive to provide our customers with professional equipment along with affordable pricing, no matter what that size of your event! When it comes to PA equipment, we offer only the most reliable systems and never nickel and dime you for add-ons. All of our systems include a microphone, a hookup for you to play music from your phone or other device, all neccesary cables and stands, and the option for delivery and setup or a quick tutorial at the time of pick up. We are also happy to provide you a mixer that best suits your needs depending on the application of our system at no extra cost. 

We understand that you have other rental options in the valley. Here's a look at our most commonly rented system specifications and policies, followed by comparisons of what our closest competitors offer at similar prices. Each of these factors will contribute to the overall sound, quality and customer experience of your rental!

Sunrise, FL. – CHAUVET DJ has a long legacy of leading the way with lighting innovations. That tradition will continue at the 2018 NAMM show as the company introduces cutting edge additions to its wireless Freedom series, a a smart, versatile, new version of its popular GigBAR and a host of other new products that are destined to raise the bar in their categories.

Visitors to the company’s NAMM booth (11133) are certain to be impressed by the new Freedom H1, a compact 100% truly wireless, battery-operated, LED wash light with a built-in D-Fi transceiver, and a single hex-color (RGBAW+UV) 10W LED that produces a rainbow of realistic accent light colors. Completely wireless, this compact fixture can be mounted virtually anywhere, even on most metal surfaces, thanks to its magnetic base. Multiple units can be remotely controlled simultaneously via stand-alone mode, wireless DMX or IR. User-friendly, it also features an easy-to-read digital display. The Freedom H1 X4 system includes 4 fixtures, 4 diffusers, a carry bag, multi-charger and IRC-6 remote.

Housed in a rugged all-wood cabinet, the PRX815's lightweight yet powerful 1500-watt Class D amplifier employs JBL's acclaimed Differential Drive technology for efficient power handling. A redesigned input panel and universal power supply yield easy, reliable operation wherever you go. The JBL PRX815W has proven itself to be a solid, all-around performer for a number of events and applications!

Here's what people are saying about JBL PRX815 Powered Speakers:

"So far I'm very impressed! The build quality and sound is truly excellent!"

"These speakers are some of the best!"

"I have used many different brand speakers before but we all know wen it come done to jbl you cant go wrong!"

The Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flex Fog Machine puts you in charge of the weather. The Hurricane 1800 Flex gives you powerful DMX control with adjustable 180-degrees angles. The unit rents with a wired timer remote. This water-based fogger also sports a low-fluid indicator and automatic shut down, so you can concentrate on your smokin' performance - and not your gear. The weather forecast for tomorrow night's show? Foggy and exciting, courtesy of the Chauvet Hurricane 1800!

Here's what people are saying about the Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flex Fog Machine:

"This machine will put out a ton of fog in a couple of minutes. Runs very efficient as well. Seems to barely use any fog fluid on each use and can store more than a gallon in the tank."

"Amazing machine! It can fill a large room in a couple of minutes."

Based on the StudioLive™ AI-series engine and controlled with battle-ready UC Surface software for Mac®, Windows®, and iOS®, the StudioLive RM16AI and RM32AI 32x16x3 rack-mount Active Integration™ digital mixers are scalable, compact, and 100 percent recallable.

PreSonus’ new UC Surface control software was specifically designed to be an interface for live mixing but also serves well in a studio environment. The careful layout of the mixing features provides quick, intuitive access to everything you need in the heat of mixing.

This groundbreaking remote-control software runs on Mac and Windows computers, as well as iPad, so you only need to learn one piece of software regardless of platform. UC Surface supports iPad and Windows 8 touchscreens, taking full advantage of these intuitive multi-touch interface technologies.

From the Humble Beginnings as the Maker of Garage-Made Guitar Amplifiers to Today’s Leading Brand of Professional AV for Live Sound, Cinema and Corporate Installations Worldwide, QSC Moves Forward to the Future

Costa Mesa, CA (January 04, 2018) – 1968 was a year of seismic change across the globe. Fifty years ago, unrest was fueled by civil rights movements in the United States and protests and revolutions in Europe. Technological innovations included the introduction of the 747 jumbo jet and the first humans to orbit the moon, in Apollo 8. In music, as the Beatles sang ‘Hey Jude’ and the Rolling Stones rocked ‘Jumping Jack Flash’, the company known today as QSC was born as Quilter Sound Things in a small industrial building in Costa Mesa, California.  

The original focus for QSC was hand-built guitar amplifiers; the company only later transforming and evolving to become a world-leading brand in power amplifiers. “Our early vision was to take over the world with high-powered, giant guitar amps, but we missed that boat and refocused our efforts on power amps,” said Pat Quilter, QSC Founder. “Since the beginning, QSC has always focused on staying close to our customers, which is the foundation for the company’s success.”

Hide that mic! The Shure Microflex MX153 professional electret condenser earset mic is so small, it's practically invisible. It may be tiny, but Shure has packed the MX153 with very sophisticated technology - such as CommShield, which guards against interference to give you spanking clean signals, free from cellular RF interference. The MX153 is fitted with a secure-locking TQG connector for use with Shure bodypacks. Whether you're involved in broadcasting, corporate lectures, teleconferencing, church audio, or live sound reinforcement, if you need exceptional sound quality and pro reliability, the Shure Microflex MX153 delivers the goods.

Here's what people are saying about Shure MX153 Microphones:

"Awesome. Super clear, consistent reception, easy to adjust. Best headset mic I've used. Highly recommended."

"We've used these for our worship team, cannot believe how clear and powerful these are! So simple to operate, Lightweight and comfortable! Excellent!"

Microphone placement for broadcast and theater present a unique set of challenges compared to miking a concert or studio recording session – not least because traditional placement for optimal sound quality is rarely possible. More often than not, the microphone is required to essentially disappear, as not to hinder the performer or distract from the overall production.

There are a few fundamentals to consider before securing a mic to a performer, because body-worn microphone placement is always a compromise. But our job is to ensure the mic always delivers the same response throughout a performance and on different nights of a production. In this article, I will cover the process I follow to mic performers for vocal reinforcement or recording.

Here are some of the initial questions I ask when setting up a show:

Big Deal Entertainment provided five sound systems for local celebrity announcers along the route of the 2017 Gilbert Days Parade. This year’s Grand Marshal was none other than America's Got Talent Season 12 Contestant Evie Clair! This was our second year working at the parade for the town of Gilbert, Arizona.

Equipment Used

  • QSC K12 Powered Speakers
  • JBL PRX715 15" 2-Way Speakers
  • Shure SM58 Microphones
  • Yamaha EMX212S 8 Channel Powered Mixers
  • Yamaha MG06x Mixers

The Gilbert Days parade is a long tradition of being the premiere event for Gilbert Days. The parade is a celebration of the town’s heritage and involves many local schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, and special interest groups. This year's theme was #GilbertKindness.

How do you speak into a microphone when you're given the opportunity to stand up and speak, and perhaps pitch a new business? Well, the one thing you shouldn't do is what I'm doing right now. If you're holding a microphone, you can't be gesturing with that hand. Because every time you do this you're taking it out of the range, and you just frustrate people. The sound goes in and out. That's a horrible thing to do.

Any time you're given a microphone, realize every microphone's a little bit different. You should always ask the person who gave it to you, whether it's a technician at a speaking event, or a conference, or if you're in a talk radio show, ask the producer. Ask them what is the best distance for you when you're speaking to the microphone. For a lot of microphones, it's about like this, the distance between your fingers when placed like that. But every microphone is a little bit different.

Now, there are certain microphones where they're more sensitive than others. When you say the letter P, it causes an explosion of air, and you get that popping sound. Pop, pop, pop, Peter Piper picked. The letter P, the consonant sound P, can be difficult for microphones. If you are up close or you're doing any sort of audio recording, be especially careful when you're saying the letter P.

Also, realize if somebody gives you a microphone, it's not for you. It's for the audience. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a speaker get up in front of 400 people, handed a microphone, and the speaker very arrogantly says, 'oh that's OK. I don't need a microphone.'

Well, we know you don't need a microphone. It's for the audience for them to hear you. That way, people all the way in the back can see it. Sometimes perhaps you might be captured on video and audio for a webcast for people to see it later.

So, always take the microphone when you have a chance, and try to speak in a conversational tone. You do that, and you'll be in good shape.

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