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Tuesday03 October 2023

Microphone Rentals for Vocals, Instruments, and Theater

Rent Wired and Wireless Microphone Phoenix AZ | Phoenix Arizona Microphone RentalsBig Deal Entertainment carries a wide assortment of microphones, including headset, lavalier clip-on, and handheld. These are available as standard wired microphones and the latest in wireless technology.

Our large selection of wired and wireless microphone rentals can be adapted to match the size and setting of your specific event. Whether you need to be wireless and hands-free while giving your next presentation or want the perfect vocal or instrument microphone for your next gig, we can provide the perfect solution to fit your needs.

Rent Shure SLX2/SM58 Wireless Handheld Microphones Phoenix Arizona AZThe world's favorite mic, unplugged! The Shure SLX4/SM58 Handheld Wireless System is the choice of pros the world over. It is tailored for vocals with brightened mid-range and bass roll-off and has a uniform cardioid pickup pattern that isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise. The SLX4/SM58 features Shure's crystal-clear sound beyond the limits of conventional wireless technology, automatic set up, backlit LCD with timeout feature, and frequency and power lockout.

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Rent Line6 XD-V75 Digital Wireless Handheld Microphones Phoenix Arizona AZ

It’s no secret that Line 6 is on top of their game when it comes to digital wireless systems, and that holds true with the XD-V75 Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone. The XD-V75’s 4th generation technology promotes reliable, dropout-free performances. With 14 channels of 24-bit, 10Hz–20kHz, compander-free performance, the XD-V75 provides unmatched full range audio clarity up to a range of 300-feet. The sophisticated XD-V75 design is easy to configure and use within minutes. Simply choose a channel on the transmitter and receiver and they lock together automatically – job done. For more complex installations, channel scanning is provided for advanced RF management. Battery life can be monitored on easy-to-read meters on both the transmitter and receiver.

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Shure MX153T/SLX4 Wireless Headset Microphones - As Low as $20Provides outstanding clarity in an extremely comfortable over-the-ear design. Delivering exceptional speech clarity, this discreet, low-profile headset microphone is ideal for public speaking, professional community theater, and school plays. Frequency response is 100 Hz ~ 10,000 Hz.

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Rent Shure WL185/SLX4 Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphones Phoenix Arizona AZPro performance, great value! The Shure SLX4/WL185 wireless microphone package comes complete with an SLX4 wireless receiver, a SLX1 body pack transmitter, and a WL185 cardioid lavalier microphone. The SLX4 receiver makes setting up a snap, with features such as Auto Frequency Selection and Auto Transmitter Setup. The SLX1 body pack receiver is incredibly easy to wear, and it's also incredibly reliable. You'll love how clear vocals sound, with the WL185 lavalier microphone. This mic captures your voice perfectly and helps keep surrounding sounds out. With the SLX14/85 package, you get affordable wireless made simple!

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Countryman B3 Wireless Lavalier Microphones - As Low as $20The Countryman B3 is essential to any well-stocked pro audio toolkit: it captures the highest-quality audio available in a lavalier mic, with field-selectable high-frequency response caps and extremely low handling noise. Whether you need a tie-clip lavalier for an interview, a hair-hidden mic for drama, or simply a small mic to hide in a prop flower vase, you'll never run out of applications for Countryman's B3 Lavalier.

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Rent Shure PGX14 Lavalier Lapel Wireless Microphones Phoenix Arizona AZShure delivers unmatched performance and ease of use to anyone looking to step up to wireless. The PGX4 receiver has features like Automatic Frequency Selection and Automatic Transmitter Setup that get you up and running, hassle-free. Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding delivers crystal-clear sound beyond the limits of conventional wireless. The Shure PGX14 Wireless system includes the PGX4 receiver, PGX1 transmitter, and cable. Click here to contact us.

Shure PGA31 Performance Headset Condenser Microphone Rental Phoenix AZ ArizonaThe PGA31 is a professional grade wireless cardioid condenser headset microphone that delivers reliable sound quality for speech and live vocal performance applications.

Designed for long-wearing comfort, the PGA31 offers a secure fit for hands-free operation in any situation. Its unidirectional cardioid polar pattern provides excellent off-axis rejection for higher gain-before-feedback when using a stage monitor.

The Shure PGA31 is perfect for outdoor and indoor sporting events, exercise and yoga instruction, horse riding events, and anything else that requires a rugged and comfortable design in a place where you need quality volume!

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Rent Shure 55SH Series II 1950's Elvis Style Microphone Phoenix AZAn unmistakable stage icon for 70 years, the Shure 55SH Series II Unidyne Vocal Microphone features a signature satin chrome-plated die-cast casing for pure vintage look and feel with modern acoustic components to meet today's performance standards. This microphone is excellent for vocal pickup with its characteristic Shure presence peak.

We've rented it to use as a live microphone and unique photo shoots. Click here to contact us.

Rent Sennheiser e609 Guitar Amp Microphones Phoenix Arizona AZThe Sennheiser e 609 Silver Dynamic Guitar Mic makes getting killer electric guitar sounds  on stage a cinch. The super-cardioid e 609 Silver instrument microphone has been specially developed for miking guitar cabs face on and extremely close to the signal source.

Its laterally mounted capsule can get extremely close to the speaker while the supercardioid pattern provides isolation from other signals. The lightweight voice-coil construction and rigid dome diaphragm provide extended high-frequency performance and a long-wearing capsule assembly. Also suitable for miking drums, especially toms. Click here to contact us.

Rent Shure PG 6-Piece Drum Microphone Kit Phoenix Arizona AZPG microphones are developed with distinct characteristics and performance-based applications in mind, so you can be sure that they will perform up to the high standards expected of a Shure mic. Drum clips, overhead stands, and kick drum stand included. Click here to contact us.

The PGDMK6 Drum Mic Kit Includes:

  • (3) PG56 snare/tom microphones
  • (1) PG52 kick drum microphone
  • (2) PG81 instrument microphones
  • (3) A50D drum mounts
  • (6) 15ft. (4.5m) XLR-XLR cables
  • Durable carrying case

Rent Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone Phoenix Arizona AZThe Shure SM58 mic is legendary for its uncanny ability to withstand abuse that would destroy any other microphone. The Shure SM58 has not only helped to define the sound of rock vocals on stage, it's also been used as a hammer to build stages and gone on to perform flawlessly later at the gig. Using a club's house system? You'll be singing through an SM58. And in the studio? Daniel Lanois always uses the SM58 or Beta 58 on Bono's vocals. Click here to contact us.

Rent Shure SM57 Instrument/Vocal Microphones Phoenix Arizona AZThe Shure SM57 is one of the most popular professional instrument microphones of all time. The dynamic SM57 mic performs reliably delivering natural sound night after night. Its durable, bulletproof design stands up to road travel and abuse. Perfectly at home in the studio too. The Shure SM57 boasts wide frequency response (40Hz-15kHz) and a tight cardioid polar pattern that are ideal for close-in speaker miking. Click here to contact us.

Rent Shure PG81 Condenser Instrument Microphones Phoenix AZA sensitive, flat response microphone ideal for acoustic instruments and overhead drums. Flat frequency response is wide and uniform. Consistent sensitivity through frequency range. Cardioid polar pattern picks up the most sound from in front of the microphone and some sound from the sides. Less susceptible to feedback in high volume settings. Click here to contact us.

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