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Thursday29 September 2022

2018 High School Homecoming Dance Themes

2018 High School Homecoming Themes

High School homecoming themes come in all shapes and sizes. The student body will decide on their theme and they have a lot of options from history to current events and fantasy to the stars. The Homecoming Dance is the culmination of all the events leading up to it. The theme sets the mood and the tone.

Picking High School Homecoming Themes

The trick to picking the right homecoming theme comes from the message the students want to send, receive and share. Homecoming is about more than just a pretty dress, a fun game and a parade; Homecoming is about building memories that will last.

Homecoming Themes from Around the World

Students may enjoy choosing Homecoming themes from cultures around the country and around the world such as:

  • An Evening in Paris
  • Autumn in New England
  • Masquerade on Bourbon Street
  • Mardi Gras
  • Bollywood
  • Arabian Nights
  • Egyptian Mysteries
  • Roman Holiday
  • Chinese New Year

Homecoming Themes from the Movies

Films can inspire popular themes for Homecoming. Film themes offer ideas, costumes, party ideas and more.

  • Tinseltown
  • Around the World in 80 Days
  • James Bond
  • Disney
  • Camelot
  • Indiana Jones
  • Super Heroes (From Spiderman to Batman and Ironman)
  • Take Me Back to Broadway
  • Orient Express
  • TV Favorites

Homecoming Themes from Time

Homecoming themes offer students a chance to take a step out of time with the 21st century and revisit periods from U.S. history that are endlessly fascinating and offer lavish dress, music and style.

  • Renaissance Themes
  • Medieval Times
  • The Roaring 20's
  • The 1940's
  • Rock 'n' Roll 50's
  • Flower Power and the 60's
  • Disco and the 70's

Homecoming Themes from the Imagination

The imagination lets homecoming themes travel to the stars with a glittery universal feel or to travel deep under the sea with the ocean and sea life as a backdrop. Popular imaginary themes include:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Colors
  • Paradise Escape
  • Under the Sea
  • Arctic Bliss
  • Musical Holiday
  • Hollywood Magic
  • Fantasy Island
  • The Sun, the Moon and the Stars
  • Over the Rainbow
  • To the Stars
  • Worlds of Fantasy

How to Pick the Best High School Homecoming Themes

The best themes are those that allow maximum creativity. Each class will need to be able to spark an idea from the overall theme. If the theme chosen is 'Worlds of Fantasy,' the senior class might elect to take on the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, while the juniors choose the mysteries of Star Wars and the sophomores embrace Disney. Ideas can be mixed and matched, but the theme must be incorporated into everything from spirit week to the rally to the game, the parades and of course, the dance.

Homecoming Parades

The parades are about showcasing school spirit and the theme. When picking the theme, try to envision the floats that will be designed for the parade and the shows that can be built around the theme. If a Roman theme sounds great, but the school will frown on togas and nude statues, then it's not the best choice. Charitable themes are a great way to illuminate a cause as well. In the year after Hurricane Katrina, a popular homecoming parade theme was Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street. Many high schools raised money for Katrina victims through their homecoming activities.


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