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Hide that mic! The Shure Microflex MX153 professional electret condenser earset mic is so small, it's practically invisible. It may be tiny, but Shure has packed the MX153 with very sophisticated technology - such as CommShield, which guards against interference to give you spanking clean signals, free from cellular RF interference. The MX153 is fitted with a secure-locking TQG connector for use with Shure bodypacks. Whether you're involved in broadcasting, corporate lectures, teleconferencing, church audio, or live sound reinforcement, if you need exceptional sound quality and pro reliability, the Shure Microflex MX153 delivers the goods.

Here's what people are saying about Shure MX153 Microphones:

"Awesome. Super clear, consistent reception, easy to adjust. Best headset mic I've used. Highly recommended."

"We've used these for our worship team, cannot believe how clear and powerful these are! So simple to operate, Lightweight and comfortable! Excellent!"

"Excellent mic. It has smooth frequency response so the audio sounds natural. It fits comfortably around the ear according to my performers, even to those who wear glasses. It's very light and stays in place. It works without distortion even when used by a trained soprano singing forte."

"I was using a lav mic before. Today was the first time using this. It took a second to get used to but I received so many compliments on the clarity of sound."

"This microphone is performing wonderfully. Sounds great, easy to mold to your ear, and just a great piece of equipment."

"Just great!"

"We use this live for services at our church as well as capturing a secondary audio feed for rebroadcast and have had are pleased with it's performance in both applications. Kudos to Shure on continuing to provide quality affordable mics!"

"Very comfortable and easy adjustment to fit for the ear. Crystal clear sound."

"This mic is very sensitive and picks up our pastor's voice well without interfering with his presentation!"