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Saturday27 February 2021

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The Middle School dance is a tradition, almost a rite of passage. But let’s face it… Middle School Kids can be challenging on a good day. Trying to entertain them and keep them happy is difficult at best. Getting them excited about a school event is sometimes near impossible.

Here are some themes that will spark some enthusiasm in the kids. Choose one of these teen dance themes or come up with your own. Then follow these simple tips with any theme you choose to get kids excited to attend:

  • Announce your dance well in advance, custom banners are ideal for this.
  • Recruit as many kids as possible to participate in planning and decorating.
  • Make your event space look festive- If you’re on a budget use inexpensive balloons and streamers.
  • Set up activities, games & snack stations to match your theme.

Below you will find several popular themes for middle school dances. Or for those who want more of an “out of the box” solution, our theme designers have created some new middle school dance themes especially for this age group!

When we started planning our wedding, one of the first decisions my husband and I made was to handle the music ourselves via our trusty iPods. Music is integral to both of our identities, something we’ve always shared—we were writing, exchanging mixes, and going to concerts together long before we realized we were something more than friends—and we wanted to extend that to our wedding. The key word that we both seized on when describing the music for this important night was “personal”; the unspoken expectation was that the right combination of the right songs, through some kind of alchemy of sentiment and aesthetic, would converge into a perfect expression of ourselves and our relationship, infusing each moment with meaning, like the best movie soundtrack of all time.

We assumed that the playlist project would be one of “the fun parts” of wedding planning, something we could do to relax in between all the horrible, stressful bits we’d been told to expect. As it turned out, our strong feelings about music made the whole process surprisingly fraught—in fact, the playlist was the only aspect of wedding planning that actually ended up causing stress and friction for us. As much as we thought it should all have come together easily, magically, we kept finding ourselves baffled by each other’s choices and increasingly defensive about our own.

What helped, finally, was sitting down and actually talking through what we were trying to accomplish. We realized that we had been approaching this project with two very different definitions of what “personal” meant to us: I was racking my brains for songs with lyrics that best represented my hopes for how our wedding and our marriage would feel, while he was focused on songs he associated with memories of moments in our history. With this context, we were able to understand each other’s choices and agree on a few strategies that would work for us both.

Who Is Responsible For Paying For A Wedding | Wedding Financial Costs Between Bride Groom and Families

While planning your wedding, the question of who is responsible for covering what costs will surely be one of the first to cross your mind. Depending on your family's own traditional backgrounds and etiquette, locations and items that you may already have at your disposal, and simply the changing of the times, there really is no completely "correct" answer or outline as to who is expected to pay for what items, costs, and other services. In this article, you will find some basic guidelines and simple references to keep in mind that have been common throughout the years, although nothing is set in stone when it comes to funding your wedding.

It is also important to remember that the cost of a wedding has grown substantially in more recent years. With couples marrying later, many times after having successful careers of their own, it's become more common for the bride and groom themselves to contribute heavily (if not completely) to the cost of their wedding. The parents of the groom are also much more commonly involved nowadays in the finances of the wedding. A modern popular opinion is to have the couple themselves, along with each of their families to each contribute one-third.

Here is a basic layout to begin planning the financial costs of your wedding:

The Jerry Garcia Foundation has collaborated with guitar maker Tom Lieber, the co-creator of Jerry Garcia's iconic "Tiger" guitar, to design a plastic-free, sustainable guitar named "Ocean."

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1, 2017 -- In honor of Jerry Garcia's 75th Birthday, the Jerry Garcia Foundation has commissioned luthier and artist Tom Lieber to create an eco-friendly, plastic-free electric guitar. The new guitar named "Ocean" is made from sustainable maple and features a fingerboard inlay image of Jerry Garcia's etching titled "Fish." The instrument will be played at benefit events to support causes that were meaningful to Jerry such as coral reef preservation.

After an extensive two-year search for a guitar maker who had the expertise to create a plastic-free instrument, Jerry's daughter, Keelin and wife, Manasha were delighted to meet luthier Tom Lieber at a recent Foundation benefit.

SEATTLE, July 31, 2017 -- The following statement is being issued by GCG regarding Ferrick et al., v. Spotify USA Inc.


If you own a copyright that has been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office (or for which an application of registration has been filed) for a musical composition that was made available on Spotify's service for interactive streaming and/or limited downloading between December 28, 2012 and June 29, 2017, and you contend that Spotify did so without a license, your rights may be affected by a proposed class action settlement, and you may be eligible to receive benefits from a class action settlement.  

If the court approves the settlement, Spotify will:

Destination Weddings are more affordable than many engaged couples realize, according to WEDtalk, available exclusively on the new travel site Vacation

NEW YORK, July 20, 2017 /The average age of engaged couples is on the rise and so is the average cost of a local wedding in major U.S. cities. That's why nearly 25 percent of engaged couples today are choosing a destination wedding, according to Vacation (www.vacation.com) a new travel site centered around the emotional reasons why people travel. These couples discover that the costs and convenience of a destination wedding is equivalent to, or less than, that of a local wedding, especially when many of them are already settled into their careers and may no longer be living in the same state as their childhood friends and family.

WEDtalk is a new podcast series designed to help couples navigate the complex process of planning their honeymoon and/or destination wedding. WEDtalk, a tool to help couples weigh their options from the moment they consider walking down the aisle overseas or at any domestic destination away from home, makes the decision-making process easier by answering common questions engaged couples tend to have.

First in the WEDtalk series (http://bit.ly/2uz6H3g), available exclusively on Vacation, is a conversation with a newlywed bride about why she found it to be more cost-effective to have a destination wedding versus a local wedding. The cost savings available with a destination wedding are addressed, and listeners learn why more couples than ever are choosing to travel for their wedding.

Apartment Complex Party Disk Jockey Sound System Rental | Phoenix AZ Arizona EventLooking for an inexpensive and affordable way to provide music and entertainment at your upcoming apartment complex community in the Phoenix AZ area? We offer an easy solution that allows you to provide your own music, using the same equipment as a professional disc jockey. Simply provide the music you'd like to play -- it's completely user friendly!

If you are hosting an apartment complex community Event or Party this year and need a sound system to entertain your guests, we have everything you'll need to make your event one to remember. Even our basic sound systems can handle all of your music, announcements, speeches, or even a band! We provide rental packages for events big or small, so give us a few details and we can event put together a custom system to meet all of your requirements!

Complete Sound System Packages start at just $150!

MISSION, Kan., June 14, 2017 -- (Family Features) First comes the proposal then comes the wedding planning. There are dozens of decisions that need to be made before it's time to walk down the aisle, which can be overwhelming for brides and grooms.

To help make it less stressful, these tips from Macy's can help couples through the entire wedding-planning process, from on-trend apparel and accessories for the entire wedding party to all the essentials to create a perfect registry.

Dressing the Ladies
When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, the mix-and-match approach is trending in popularity. Start by deciding on a color palette, such as lilac, champagne and petal pink. Then have each bridesmaid choose her favorite style within that range of hues. Bring it all together by choosing a uniform look for makeup, shoes and accessories. There is no better time to thank the ladies than the morning of the big day. A few thoughtful gifts can go a long way, such as matching robes, tumblers to stay hydrated throughout the day and cosmetic cases to stow makeup essentials.

A travel expert can save you money while creating a luxurious experience with private tours, upgrades and added amenities

NEW YORK, July 13, 2017 -- As the bridal couple, you are center stage at your wedding. You feel like royalty from limo rides to and from the ceremony, doting bridesmaids and groomsmen, and an elegant meal with champagne while dressed in your finest. As a newlywed couple, you will want that euphoria to continue on your honeymoon – and it can, regardless of your budget, if you work with an expert travel agent. Travel agents are destination experts and have years of experience in customizing unique honeymoons with VIP experiences (http://bit.ly/2tIC9uU), all designed around your budget.

Expert agents are destination connoisseurs and advocates for their clients, all rolled into one, according to Vacation (www.vacation.com), a new travel site centered around the emotional reasons why people travel. A well-connected travel agent has the insider knowledge to garner perks for honeymooners, such as a personal car and driver, a suite upgrade or a private tour of a popular tourist attraction to create a YOHO experience. (You only honeymoon once, right?)

Wedding Guests Attend An Average Of 2 Weddings Per Year And Spend Nearly $1,000 Per Wedding Toward The Gift, Attire, Travel & Accommodations, According To The Knot 2016 Wedding Guest Study

Wedding Registries Continue to Be the Most Popular Way to Purchase a Gift; Cash, Honeymoon and Charity Registries Also Top Gifting Options

NEW YORK, July 11, 2017 -- The Knot, the number one wedding resource and marketplace, today released the results of The Knot 2016 Wedding Guest Study. With wedding season in full swing, the study reveals that wedding guests spend an average of $888 if they're traveling for the nuptials, and wedding attendants—bridesmaids and groomsmen—spend an average of $1,154 per wedding. These costs include everything from the wedding gift, attire and accessories, to travel and accommodations.
As guests are spending a large amount to attend each wedding, they prefer to gift something the couple really wants. When it comes to purchasing the gift, the study shows the wedding registry continues to be the most popular place to select a gift, with 37% of wedding guests and attendants purchasing a gift directly from a registry. Cash and check are also popular gift options, with nearly one-third (29%) of guests gifting money in the form of cash or check. One in ten (10%) wedding guests and attendants give a gift card, and 7% contribute funds to the couple's honeymoon.

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