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Saturday26 November 2022

Five Tips For DJs to Stand Out in 2018

Tip 1 – Team up with other DJs.

This not only ignites new creative ideas but doubles each DJs reach and network. Find other DJs in your town, city or state at a similar level and team up. Working together can spark new creative ideas, be a lot of fun but also put each DJ in front of each others networks. Create a monthly mix series together or start a live DJ stream on Facebook every week.

Utilize each others social media networks and following. Promoters and the public are more likely to take notice of you with double the following!

Tip 2 – Learn new ways to be creative with the music you’re playing.

In 2018 the digital world of DJing is stronger than ever. Nearly every piece of new equipment, whether its a controller, CDJs or mixer is packed full of creative features. Start using those hidden gems like the sampler, slicer modes or different effects that you’re currently not utilizing. Make 2018 the year of experimenting with the equipment you own. This can really help you stand out from the crowd.

Get creative in 2018!

Tip 3 – Content is KEY!

Never has the DJ industry been more competitive. It’s such a popular industry with only limited work available, its time to make yourself known!

Wether we like it or not social media can make or break your DJ career. Here in the UK I’ve seen DJs grow a huge following from a couple of viral videos nearly overnight. Then, to see them get booked around the country off the back of those videos almost immediately. Unfortunately others however have killed their career by not keeping up.

Make 2018 the year you plan ahead. Create a weekly social media marketing plan. It’s never been easier to reach 100s, 1000s and even millions of people at the touch of a button!

Video is your friend! Start creating regular DJ videos for Facebook. Use that same video over on YouTube, plus upload a 60 second version to Instagram. One video… three platforms to promote it from! Facebook currently loves video so use it to your advantage. Make it short and snappy, wether its a quick mix, your DJ highlights of 2017 or even a personal vlog style video. Check out Laidback Luke’s vlog if you need some inspiration.

One of our main goals this year is to help DJs with content creation. We’re going to be launching courses and blog posts on how to properly film and edit your DJ videos, where to look for new DJ gigs, and tips for breaking into one of the most competitive industries around.

Tip 4 – Start making edits and mash ups.

What better way to make your sets stand out from every other DJ than to create your own mash ups and edits. Exclusive versions of tracks that only you own! This can be as simple as hitting record and then mixing, cutting and scratching acapella’s over an instrumental.

You could get Serato Flip and start making short or flipped versions of songs. You could even take it to the next level and start using software such as Ableton to create more professional edits and mash ups. Rather than jump in at the deep end and try to produce your own music, a great way to start and learn the software is to edit, remix and bootleg tracks. Switch out the drops, layer over a cappella’s, extend and quantize that disco track that swings all over the place! The possibilities are endless….

Tip 5 – HAVE FUN!!!

Yes it might sound obvious but I see way too many DJs taking themselves and the whole industry too seriously. Always remember that we DJ to have fun. We DJ to give people a good time, to make people dance. We make people sing & help people let go of their inhibitions for a night. We’re the backing track to dance floor romances. We help people get married and celebrate. We’re there for 18th to 80th birthday parties. We do it because we love music. We love to experiment with music and explore new pieces of equipment.

When others see how much you love what you do it goes a long way to taking that next step in your career, whether its getting your first gig or taking your skills to artist level and playing festivals.

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