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Saturday13 August 2022

Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flew Fog Machine Reviews

The Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flex Fog Machine puts you in charge of the weather. The Hurricane 1800 Flex gives you powerful DMX control with adjustable 180-degrees angles. The unit rents with a wired timer remote. This water-based fogger also sports a low-fluid indicator and automatic shut down, so you can concentrate on your smokin' performance - and not your gear. The weather forecast for tomorrow night's show? Foggy and exciting, courtesy of the Chauvet Hurricane 1800!

Here's what people are saying about the Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flex Fog Machine:

"This machine will put out a ton of fog in a couple of minutes. Runs very efficient as well. Seems to barely use any fog fluid on each use and can store more than a gallon in the tank."

"Amazing machine! It can fill a large room in a couple of minutes."

"This machine is AWESOME! I have owned foggers in the past, but this one blows away all of the competition. Works great for medium and even large sized venues."

"Well made, heats up quickly, massive output, all the things you look for in a fog machine. The 180° directional output is genius! You would have to be in a stadium to need more than this one machine."

"This machine is not a toy. Once ready, holy cow! If you are running it on manual and keep the button down, you can drive the entire audience out of a small venue!"

"The timer is easy to adjust to provide a steady level of fog to your liking. This thing WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!"

"It will effortlessly provide ANY level of fog you want."

"You'd either have to be playing outside or in a huge convention center to outrun this beast's ability to provide fog."

"Fog machine was exactly what was needed to complete the look for a Halloween party. Thanks!"

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