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Sunday07 August 2022

6 Steps to a Planning a Fantastic High School Dance

What do you think of when you hear “high school dance”? Boys on one side of gym; girls on the other. No dancing… just plain awkwardness. In order to prevent that horribleness from happening at your school, we’re giving you the ins-and-outs of planning a fantastic high school dance. So read up on these 6 easy steps and make your Homecoming, Court-Warming, or Sadie-Hawkins dance the highlight of the semester!
1. Form a Committee
Gather the troops, because you’ll need help to pull off the best dance your high school has ever seen! Your school may already have a committee elected for just this kind of thing. But if not, you’ll want to find anywhere between 5-10 volunteers. Get your class officers involved and be sure to have one person in charge of delegating tasks to the rest of the team.
Consult with the teachers or faculty in charge of helping with the dance and make sure to include them in all your decision making along the way. Ask your faculty advisor or your student body treasurer about the budget for your social events and remember to refer to it as you plan!

2. Secure the Big Stuff
Before you can start putting your master party plan into action, you’ve got to set the date! Start planning early on in the school year to give yourself more options. Have your committee leader or class officers meet with the correct faculty member(s) to choose the perfect day for your dance. Check your school calendar and find a date that works best for the majority of students. Be weary of accidentally choosing the night of the big game. All of this planning is tough enough without a student riot on your hands!
Once you’ve picked a date, it’s time to find a venue where this party of the year will go down. If you’re planning to host it at your school, be sure to pick somewhere that’s easily decorated and big enough for all the students you’re expecting. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, check your budget and look for local venues that are free on your date and have a dance floor big enough for the students. If you find the perfect location but it’s missing the dance floor, never fear! You can always rent one for the night from a local event rental company (phew!).
3. Choosing a Theme
Every high school dance has to have a theme right? Right! But just how do you pick the perfect one for your event? Come up with a few good ideas with your committee and take a poll around school to see which one makes your fellow students the most excited! From classics like Winter Wonderland or Hollywood, to more out of the box themes like a Circus or a Luau, there are tons of theme options. Have fun with it!
4. Refreshments
Planning to dance the night away? Of course you are! Everyone is going to want to stay on the dance floor at this fantastic dance you’re planning. Help keep energy high by offering a few snacks and drinks to keep them going. Keep your budget and guests happy by asking for parent volunteers to bring a variety of snacks (homemade cookies anyone?) or take it to the next level and have your dance catered! Choose a member of your committee to be in charge of getting these snacks and drinks for your fellow dancers (they’ll be thirsty after a few songs). Water, punch, and a variety of sodas usually do the trick but just make sure you have enough for everyone (you don’t want a room full of dehydrated high schoolers).
5. Entertainment
Entertainment can make or break your dance. Prepare to spend a good portion of your budget on music. Finding the perfect music for your dance can be difficult. Talk to local Cover Bands and DJs to compare playlists and prices.
Since this will be a night to remember, consider hiring a professional Photographer to capture all the fun! If your budget allows, you could even have a photo booth set up. The photo strips make for great party favors!
6. Get the Word Out!
Now that you’ve planned an amazing dance, you’ve got to let everyone know! Delegate a member of your committee to be in charge of tickets and publicity. Start putting up posters and designing tickets as soon as possible and remember to factor ticket sales into your budget. The earlier you start drumming up excitement for your event the better. So what are you waiting for? Start getting the word out!
Clearly there’s lots to be done. With these 6 tools to plan an unforgettable high school dance, you’re ready to get started. We have full faith in your party planning skills, but if you find you need an extra boost along the way, GigSalad is here to help!

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