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Sunday07 August 2022

Here Comes the Bride! 80 Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

Make your walk down the aisle ultra-memorable with our comprehensive list of processional wedding songs.

Walking down the aisle on your wedding day will be one of the most incredible experiences of your life. Maybe you'll forgo tradition and walk down together, or put a fun twist on things and each make your own separate entrance. Regardless of how you do it, you’ll want to choose a song to walk down the aisle to that reflects the unique bond you and your partner share. Whatever speaks to your personality, we are here to help!

Putting together a trendy, rustic affair? Check out our country songs to walk down the aisle to. Getting married in a gorgeous cathedral? We’ve got some amazing instrumental songs to walk down the aisle to. And if you’ve chosen to say “I Do” in laid-back, casual style (or even at a courthouse!) we’ve got you covered with some fun songs to walk down the aisle to, and some super-unique selections too!

Fun Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

If you’re the couple who lights up every room and lives life to the fullest, then choosing fun songs to walk down the aisle to may be your best bet. These playful selections will keep your ceremony light and happy, and are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

“Chapel of Love,” by The Dixie Cups
From the album: Chapel of Love, 1964
Lyrics You’ll Love: Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married/Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married/Gee, I really love you/And we're gonna get married/Goin' to the chapel of love

“Love Someone,” by Jason Mraz
From the album: Yes!, 2014
Lyrics You’ll Love: Oh, ain't it nice tonight we've got each other/And I am right beside you/More than just a partner or a lover/I'm your friend

“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),” by Beyoncé
From the album: Beyoncé, 2009
Lyrics You’ll Love: 'Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it/If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it/Don't be mad once you see that he want it/If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it

“Here Comes the Sun,” by The Beatles
From the album: Abbey Road, 1969
Lyrics You’ll Love: Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter/Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here/Here comes the sun/Here comes the sun, and I say/It's all right

“God Only Knows,” by The Beach Boys
From the album: Pet Sounds, 1966
Lyrics You’ll Love: I may not always love you/But long as there are stars above you/You never need to doubt it/I'll make you so sure about it

“Marry You,” by Bruno Mars
From the album: Doo-Wops & Hooligans, 2010
Lyrics You’ll Love: It's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do/Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you/Is it the look in your eyes, or is it this dancing juice/Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you

“Marry Me,” by Train
From the album: Save Me, San Francisco, 2009
Lyrics You’ll Love: Now that the weight has lifted/Love has surely shifted my way/Marry me/Today and every day/Marry me

“Love,” by Matt White
From the album: Best Days, 2007
Lyrics You’ll Love: And love/Such a silly game we play... Oh/Like a summer's day in May/What is love, what is love/I just want you to be loved…

“Better Together,” by Jack Johnson
From the album: In Between Dreams, 2005
Lyrics You’ll Love: Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart/Like why are we here? And where do we go? And how come it's so hard?/It's not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving/I'll tell you one thing, it's always better when we're together

Country Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

If you’re a serious country music lover, you probably already know that country songs make amazing songs to walk down the aisle to, with sentimental (but not too sappy!) lyrics that perfectly accommodate your walk down the aisle.

“God Gave Me You,” by Blake Shelton
From the album: Red River Blue, 2011
Lyrics You’ll Love: There's more here than what we’re seeing/A divine conspiracy/That you, an angel lovely/Could somehow fall for me

“Love of My Life,” by Sammy Kershaw
From the album: 20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection, 2003
Lyrics You’ll Love: You are the love of my life/And you are the reason I'm alive/And baby baby baby/When I think of how you saved me/I go crazy

“My Best Friend,” by Tim McGraw
From the album: A Place in the Sun, 1999
Lyrics You’ll Love: I never had no one that I could count on/ I've been let down so many times/I was tired of hurtin' so tired of searchin'/Til you walked into my life/It was a feelin' I'd never known/And for the first time I didn't feel alone

“Cowboy Take Me Away,” by The Dixie Chicks
From the album: Fly, 1999
Lyrics You’ll Love: I said, cowboy take me away/Fly this girl as high as you can into the wild blue/Set me free, oh, I pray/Closer to heaven above and closer to you/Closer to you

“Me and You,” by Kenny Chesney
From the album: Greatest Hits, 2000
Lyrics You’ll Love: Ordinary no, really don't think so/Not a love this true/Common destiny/We were meant to be/Me and you

“Grow Old with Me,” by Mary Chapin Carpenter
From the album: Party Doll and Other Favorites, 1999
Lyrics You’ll Love: Grow old along with me/The best is yet to be/When our time has come/We will be as one/God bless our love

“From This Moment On,” by Shania Twain feat. Bryan White
From the album: Come on Over, 1997
Lyrics You’ll Love: I give my hand to you with all my heart/Can't wait to live my life with you, can't wait to start/You and I will never be apart/My dreams came true because of you

“Bless the Broken Road,” by Rascal Flatts
From the album: Feels Like Today, 2004
Lyrics You’ll Love: I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you/That every long-lost dream led me to where you are/Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars/Pointing me on my way into your loving arms

“To Make You Feel My Love,” performed by Garth Brooks
From the album: Hope Floats Soundtrack, 1998
Lyrics You’ll Love: When the evening shadows and the stars appear/And there is no one there to dry your tears/I could hold you for a million years/To make you feel my love

“Love Like Crazy,” by Lee Brice
From the album: Love Like Crazy, 2010
Lyrics You’ll Love: Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I love you/Go to work, do your best, don't outsmart your common sense/Never let your prayin' knees get lazy/And love like crazy

Best Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

Want to have everyone passing the tissues during your walk down the aisle? Go for one of these timeless classics, and we guarantee there won’t be a dry eye in the house! The best songs to walk down the aisle to are familiar and well-loved, but also super sweet and relatable.

“What a Wonderful World,” by Louis Armstrong
From the album: Louis Armstrong’s All-Time Greatest Hits, 1990
Lyrics You’ll Love: I see trees of green, red roses too/I see them bloom for me and you/And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

“Over the Rainbow,” by Israel Kamakawiwo‘Ole
From the album: Alone in IZ World, 2001
Lyrics You’ll Love: Somewhere over the rainbow…way up high/And the dreams that you dream of once in a lullaby/Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly/And the dreams that you dream of, really do come true

“When You Say You Love Me,” by Josh Groban
From the album: Closer, 2003
Lyrics You’ll Love: When you say you love me/The world goes still, so still inside/When you say you love me/For a moment, there's no one else alive

“Make You Feel My Love,” performed by Adele
From the album: 19, 2008
Lyrics You’ll Love: When the evening shadows and the stars appear/And there is no one there to dry your tears/I could hold you for a million years/To make you feel my love

“Turning Page,” by Sleeping at Last
From the album: Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1 Soundtrack, 2011
Lyrics You’ll Love: I've waited a hundred years/But I'd wait a million more for you/Nothing prepared me for/What the privilege of being yours would do

“You Are the Best Thing,” by Ray LaMontagne
From the album: Gossip in the Grain, 2009
Lyrics You’ll Love: Baby/We've come a long way/And baby/You know I hope and I pray/That you believe me/When I say this love will never fade away

“A Thousand Years,” by Christina Perri
From the album: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1, 2011
Lyrics You’ll Love: Time stands still/Beauty in all she is/I will be brave/I will not let anything, take away/What's standing in front of me/Every breath, every hour has come to this

“Photograph,” by Ed Sheeran
From the album: x, 2014
Lyrics You’ll Love: We keep this love in a photograph/We made these memories for ourselves/Where our eyes are never closing/Hearts are never broken/And time's forever frozen still

“Hallelujah,” by Pentatonix
From the album: A Pentatonix Christmas, 2016
Lyrics You’ll Love: Well baby, I've been here before/I've seen this room and I've walked this floor/I used to live alone before I knew ya/And I've seen your flag on the marble arch/And love is not a victory march/It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

“Thinking Out Loud,” by Ed Sheeran
From the album: x, 2014
Lyrics You’ll Love: So honey now/Take me into your loving arms/Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars/Place your head on my beating heart/I'm thinking out loud/Maybe we found love right where we are

Non-Traditional Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

If neither of you are into the typical wedding scene and you want to skip the Wedding March, consider upgrading your processional song by opting for a non-traditional song to walk down the aisle to. You won’t find any cheesy, sappy lyrics here—in fact, some of these lyrics are downright bizarre! But stick with us, because these are some seriously amazing songs to consider.

“Flightless Bird, American Mouth,” by Iron & Wine
From the album: The Shepherd’s Dog, 2007
Lyrics You’ll Love: Have I found you?/Flightless bird, jealous, weeping/Or lost you?/American mouth/Big bill looming

“Skinny Love,” by Bon Iver
From the album: For Emma, Forever Ago, 2007
Lyrics You’ll Love: And I told you to be patient/And I told you to be fine/And I told you to be balanced/And I told you to be kind/And in the morning I'll be with you/But it will be a different kind/And I'll be holding all the tickets/And you'll be owning all the fines

“Everything Has Changed,” by Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran
From the album: Red, 2012
Lyrics You’ll Love: 'Cause all I know is we said hello/And your eyes look like coming home/All I know is a simple name, everything has changed/All I know is you held the door/You'll be mine and I'll be yours/All I know since yesterday is everything has changed

“Reign of Love,” by Coldplay
From the album: This is Where I Leave You Soundtrack, 2014
Lyrics You’ll Love: Reign of love/By the church, we're waiting/Reign of love/My knees go praying/How I wish I'd spoken up/Or we'd be carried/On the reign of love

“Marry That Girl,” by Dirty Magic Cards
From the album: Marry That Girl – Single, 2015
Lyrics You’ll Love: So honey now/Take me into your loving arms/Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars/Place your head on my beating heart/I'm thinking out loud/Maybe we found love right where we are

“The Book of Love,” by The Magnetic Fields
From the album: x, 2014
Lyrics You’ll Love: The book of love is long and boring/No one can lift the damn thing/It's full of charts and facts and figures and instructions for dancing/but I love it when you read to me and you—you can read me anything

“One Love,” by Bob Marley
From the album: Marley (The Original Soundtrack), 2012
Lyrics You’ll Love: One love, one heart/Let's get together and feel all right/As it was in the beginning (one love)/So shall it be in the end (one heart)/Alright, give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right/Let's get together and feel all right

“Oh,” by Dave Matthews
From the album: Some Devil, 2003
Lyrics You’ll Love: I love you oh so well/Like a kid loves candy and fresh snow/I love you oh so well/Enough to fill up heaven overflow and fill hell/Love you oh so well

“Dreamgirl,” by Dave Matthews
From the album: Stand Up, 2005
Lyrics You’ll Love: Still you're my best friend/And after a good good drunk...you and me/Wake up and make love after a deep sleep/Where I was dreaming/I was dreaming of a dream Girl

“5 Years’ Time,” by Noah & The Whale
From the album: Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down, 2008
Lyrics You’ll Love: Oh well, in five years’ time we could be walking round a zoo/With the sun shining down over me and you/And there'll be love in the bodies of the elephants too/And I'll put my hand over your eyes but you'll peek through

Classical/Instrumental Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

If you want your processional to mirror something straight out of a storybook, you can’t beat instrumental songs to walk down the aisle to, whether they are classical songs or not. These beautiful pieces are the perfect canvas for just about any wedding style, and they can be cut down or arranged for a crescendo that totally packs a punch.

“Clair de Lune,” by Claude Debussy
From the album: Clair de Lune – Single, 2014

“Begin Again,” by The Piano Guys (Taylor Swift cover)
From the album: The Piano Guys 2, 2013

“Trumpet Voluntary,” by Jeremiah Clarke
From the album: The Ultimate Classical Music Collection, 2005

“Somebody to Love,” by Vitamin String Quartet
From the album: Vitamin String Quartet Performs Queen, 2004

“Hymn to Hope,” by Secret Garden
From the album: Songs from a Secret Garden, 1995

“Water Music Suite: Air,” by Handel
From the album: The Ultimate Classical Music Collection, 2005

“Canon in D,” by Pachelbel, performed by Jean-Francois Paillard From the album: The Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe, 2003

“Appalachia Waltz,” by Edgar Meyer and Yo-Yo-Ma
From the album: Appalachia Waltz, 1996

“Forrest Gump Theme,” by Alan Silvestri
From the album: Forrest Gump Soundtrack, 1994

“Can’t Help Falling in Love,” by The Piano Guys (Elvis cover)
From the album: Can’t Help Falling in Love – Single, 2012

R&B Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

We’re currently obsessed with using R&B songs by artists like Beyoncé or John Legend for a walk down the aisle. Nothing like adding a little sex appeal to your ceremony! Check out our list of R&B songs to walk down the aisle to—is your perfect song on our list?

“Here and Now,” by Luther Vandross
From the album: The Essential Luther Vandross, 2003
Lyrics You’ll Love: I look in your eyes and there I see/What happiness really meansThe love that we share makes life so sweet/Together we'll always be/This pledge of love feels so right

“Happy,” by Pharell Williams
From the album: G I R L, 2014
Lyrics You’ll Love: It might seem crazy what I am about to say/Sunshine she's here, you can take a break/I'm a hot air balloon that could go to space/With the air, like I don't care, baby, by the way

“Giving Myself,” by Jennifer Hudson
From the album: Jennifer Hudson, 2008
Lyrics You’ll Love: Oh, I'm giving myself over to you/Body and soul/I'm giving it over/I'm giving myself over to you now

“Halo,” by Beyoncé
From the album: I Am…Sasha Fierce, 2008
Lyrics You’ll Love: Everywhere I'm looking now/I'm surrounded by your embraceBaby, I can see your halo/You know you're my saving grace

“I Gotta Be,” by Jagged Edge
From the album: The Hits, 2006
Lyrics You’ll Love: I gotta be the one you know/'Cause I will always love you so (I'm loving you, girl)/I gotta be the one you need/I'm just telling you that I gotta be

“Suddenly,” by Billy Ocean
From the album: Suddenly, 2011
Lyrics You’ll Love: Suddenly life has new meaning to me/There's beauty up above and things we never take notice of/You wake up suddenly you're in love

“All My Life,” by K-Ci & JoJo
From the album: All My Life/Tell Me It’s Real – Single, 2001
Lyrics You’ll Love: I will never find another lover sweeter than you/Sweeter than you/And I will never find another lover more precious than you/More precious than you

“All of Me,” by John Legend
From the album: Love in the Future, 2013
Lyrics You’ll Love: Cause all of me/Loves all of you/Love your curves and all your edges/All your perfect imperfections/Give your all to me/I'll give my all to you

“Let’s Get Married,” by Jagged Edge
From the album: The Hits, 2006
Lyrics You’ll Love: When I think about all these years we put in this relationship/Who knew we'd make it this far?/When I think about where we would I be if we were to just fall apart/And I just can't stand the thought of leaving you/Meet me in the altar in your white dress/We ain't getting no younger, we might as well do it

“I Can’t Help Myself,” by The Four Tops
From the album: Four Tops Second Album 1965
Lyrics You’ll Love: Sugar pie honey bunch/You know that I love you/I can't help myself/I love you and nobody else

“Spend My Life with You,” by Eric Benét
From the album: A Day in the Life 1999
Lyrics You’ll Love: I never knew such a day could come/And I never knew such a love could be inside of one/And I never knew what my life was for/But now that you're here I know for sure

Christian/Gospel Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

Your faith and your devotion to each other are in harmony when you opt for a Christian song to walk down the aisle to. Many of these selections are beautifully romantic, while also giving a nod to the Christian foundation of your union.

“Bread and Wine,” by Josh Garrels
From the album: Love & War & The Sea in Between, 2011
Lyrics You’ll Love: If I fall, I fall alone, but two can help to bear the load/A threefold chord is hard to break/All I have I give to you if you will share your sorrows too/Then joy will be the crown upon our heads/My friend

“The Wedding Song (There is Love),” by Noel Paul Stookey
From the album: The Very Best of Peter, Paul, and Mary, 1969
Lyrics You’ll Love: Well a man shall leave his mother and a woman leave her home/They shall travel on to where the two shall be as one/As it was in the beginning, is now until the end/Woman draws her life from man and gives it back again/And there's love/There is love

“This Song,” by BeBe Winans
From the album: BeBe Winans, 1997
Lyrics You’ll Love: All I wanted was to be loved/No one deserves to be alone/Accused for taking love for granted/But now I see/If I don't share the way I feel/How can you know?/I found a way to let it show

“In a Moment,” by Rebecca St. James
From the album: I Will Praise You, 2011
Lyrics You’ll Love: In a moment, everyone falls silent/To hear the mighty trumpet/Split the eastern sky/Just imagine the King of all Creation/Riding through the heavens/Returning for His bride

“Order My Steps,” by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
From the album: Favorite Song of All, 1996
Lyrics You’ll Love: Order my steps in Your word dear Lord/Lead me, guide me every day/Send Your anointing, Father I pray

“Ave Maria,” by Céline Dion
From the album: These Are Special Times, 1992
Lyrics You’ll Love: Ave Maria, maiden mild/Oh, listen to a maiden's prayer/For thou canst hear amid the wild/'Tis thou, 'tis thou canst save amid, despair

“Like Jesus Does,” by Eric Church
From the album: Chief, 2011
Lyrics You’ll Love: I'm a long-gone Waylon song on vinyl/I'm a back roads sinner at a tent revival/She believes in me like she believes her bible/And loves me like Jesus does.

“Oceans,” by Hillsong United
From the album: Zion, 2013
Lyrics You’ll Love: And I will call upon Your name/And keep my eyes above the waves/When oceans rise/My soul will rest in Your embrace/For I am Yours and You are mine

“Heaven’s Knife,” by Josh Garrels
From the album: Home, 2015
Lyrics You’ll Love: Like the first man/I was cut so deep by heaven’s knife/When I awoke from my sleep/Oh my Lord, she’s beautiful/She’s a part of me/She’s my wife/Bound by love/One flesh to be/An unbroken ring/And I lay down my life for thee/In love we are free

“I Found You,” by BeBe and CeCe Winans
From the album: Still, 2009
Lyrics You’ll Love: When I found you, I found somebody who cares/When I found you, found my most intimate prayer/When I found you, I found what every heart dreams of/When I found you, I found love

Sweet Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

Are you the bride and groom with the comfortable, easy-going relationship that makes you the envy of your friends? If so, these sweet songs to walk down the aisle to are probably top of mind for you anyway. Fun, light, sweet and happy—who could ask for anything more?

“Crazy Love,” by Van Morrison
From the album: Moondance, 1970
Lyrics You’ll Love: I can hear her heart beat for a thousand miles/And the heavens open every time she smiles/And when I come to her that's where I belong/Yet I'm running to her like a river's song/She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love

“Your Song,” by Elton John
From the album: Elton John, 1970
Lyrics You’ll Love: And you can tell everybody this is your song/It may be quite simple but now that it's done/I hope you don't mind/I hope you don't mind/That I put down in words/How wonderful life is while you're in the world

“Isn’t She Lovely,” by Stevie Wonder
From the album: Songs in the Key of Life, 1976
Lyrics You’ll Love: Isn't she pretty/Truly the angel's best/Boy, I'm so happy/We have been heaven blessed

“How Sweet It Is,” by James Taylor
From the album: Greatest Hits Vol. 1, 1976
Lyrics You’ll Love: But you brighten up for me all of my days/With a love so sweet in so many ways/I wanna stop and thank you baby/I just wanna stop and thank you baby, oh yes/How sweet it is to be loved by you

“Come Away with Me,” by Norah Jones
From the album: Come Away with Me, 2002
Lyrics You’ll Love: Come away with me and we'll kiss/On a mountaintop/Come away with me/And I'll never stop loving you

“Lucky,” by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat
From the album: We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things, 2008
Lyrics You’ll Love: I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend/Lucky to have been where I have been/Lucky to be coming home again

“Heartbeats,” by José González
From the album: Veneer, 2005
Lyrics You’ll Love: Ten days of perfect tunes/The colors red and blue/We had a promise made/We were in love

“Sweet Child O’ Mine,” by Guns N’ Roses
From the album: Appetite for Destruction, 1987
Lyrics You’ll Love: She's got a smile it seems to me/Reminds me of childhood memories/Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky/Now and then when I see her face/She takes me away to that special place/And if I'd stare too long/I'd probably break down and cry

“Somewhere Only We Know,” by Lily Allen
From the album: Sheezus, 2014
Lyrics You’ll Love: I came across a fallen tree/I felt the branches of it looking at me/Is this the place we used to love?/Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?

“Can’t Help Falling in Love,” by Ingrid Michaelson
From the album: Wanting for Love’s Unhinged Acceptance, 2008
Lyrics You’ll Love: Wise men say/Only fools rush in/But I can't help falling in love with you/Shall I stay/Would it be a sin?/But I can't help falling in love with you


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