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Saturday13 August 2022

14 Award-winning Weddings Selected by Belief International Wedding Planners

Belief, an international wedding planning network, announces the results of the 3rd edition of an exclusive online contest for wedding professionals

Winning a Belief Awards is one of the highest honors a wedding planner can receive. "We are excited to celebrate such a top-notch group of professionals for the Belief Awards 3rd edition. Each of the wedding planners recognized is committed with quality and expertise," says Giovana Duailibe, executive director of Belief.

Meet the winners by continent

Belief Awards has two main categories - Wedding Concept, featuring great wedding experiences, and Special Photo, created for a unique moment, detail or design. Wedding planners from 16 countries worldwide submitted their projects. The winners were:


South Africa
Victoria Jackson: she planned a romantic wedding on the countryside and was awarded on the Wedding Concept Category.


Carolina Muzo: she is one of the winners in the Wedding Concept Category. For this edition, she presented a romantic daytime wedding.


Ingrid Labbé: she attends national and international weddings. Ingrid was a winner on both categories – Wedding Concept and Special Photo.

Astrid Labbé Bianchi: she works together with Ingrid and was awarded on the Special Photo category with a beautiful Hindu wedding.


Cecilia Pineda Rosas: she was one of the winners on both categories of Belief Awards with a luxurious nightly wedding.

Guadalupe Alvarez: she had two photos awarded – both of them showing traditions from Mexican weddings.

United States

Carolee Higashino: on this edition, she had a picture of a couple in a beautiful Hawaiian landscape awarded.


Jeanette Skelton: she received an award for a stunning Asian beach wedding.


Serena Ranieri: she came up with an impressive wedding which included a circus presentation.
Valentina Lombardi: she impressed the juries with an amazing snowy wedding.

Rui Mota Pinto: he presented a wedding at an incredible and luxurious venue.

Middle East

Nemer Jreige: he was one of the winners on the Wedding Concept category, with a great work of lighting and decor.


About Belief International Wedding Planners
Based in New York City, Belief Wedding Planners is an international network for wedding planners. Belief's main goal is to uphold the highest standards in wedding planning, by encouraging professionals to develop their careers. As just the best wedding planners are approved to be part of the group, Belief is also a reliable source for brides and grooms who are planning destination weddings all over the world.

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