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Monday15 August 2022

Wedding Industry's Best Bloggers Commemorated With Award

A leading consumer advocate, Beyond4Cs.com, has presented awards to honor the best wedding bloggers of 2016.

NEW YORK, May 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Beyond4Cs.com is pleased to announce the winners of "The Best 105 Wedding Blogs" in the industry. This award recognizes the world's top wedding bloggers who had created compelling content to inspire couples and facilitate wedding planning.

Over the course of four weeks, thousands of bridal related blogs were carefully curated before the final list of 105 winners emerged. The selection criteria included factors like originality of content, inspirational ideas, up-to-date information, community engagement and usefulness of tips/advice.

The full list of winners can be accessed here.

When interviewed about the award presentation, Mr. Paul Gian, founder of Beyond4Cs.com said "You could probably imagine how stressful it would be when planning a wedding. There are so many things and details to take care of. Oftentimes, many people simply do not know where or how to begin."

He continued: "Although we specialize in helping consumers buy the perfect diamond engagement ring, their story doesn't end there. After a successful marriage proposal, most people move onto the next stage of wedding planning."

"We wanted to help by consolidating the best resources on the Internet onto a single page. With this award, we get to showcase the most talented bloggers in the bridal industry and enable readers to discover avenues for inspiration and advice."

In response to winning the award, one female blogger said: "I'm really excited about the results. It's been a huge honor to have my blog listed as a winner and to receive recognition from a peer." She continued: "This has not only validated my work but is also a testament to the outstanding content I had painstakingly created."

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