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Monday15 August 2022

iPod iPad Laptop CD Player Sound System for your Wedding Reception

iPod iPad Laptop CD Player Sound System Wedding Rent Phoenix AZ ArizonaLooking for an inexpensive and affordable way to provide music and entertainment at your wedding in the Phoenix AZ area? By now, I'm sure you've checked the prices of hiring a disc jockey in Phoenix. Most won't even advertise their prices on the internet! My quick research shows that a good DJ in Arizona charges $600-$900 or more just for one night. If you've got that kind of cash to drop on a DJ, then it certainly is easier to let them to handle your event.

But if you're on a budget for your wedding or just want to save money, we offer an easy solution that allows you to provide your own music, using the same equipment as a professional disc jockey.  Renting high-quality, professional DJ equipment may be your best solution -- and it's completely user friendly!

The introduction of the iPod has been revolutionizing the wedding DJ industry for years now.  The ability to carry days’ worth of music in your pocket is a total game changer. We’ve rented systems to countless weddings, many of which were just running an iPod and making announcements or speeches through a microphone. Here are some tips to make your evening a success. Use your personal music collection on your iPod, iPad, Laptop, or even a CD Player to customize the music throughout your night, we will provide the rest.

iPod iPad Laptop CD Player Wedding Equipment Rental

1. Using your home theater system, stereo, or even computer speakers isn't going to cut it. For your wedding, you need to rent a professional sound system. You need equipment that can put out plenty of power for the entire evening. Please contact us if you have any questions as to what type and size system will be appropriate for you.

2. Crossfading your iTunes playlist is very important. Crossfading is where when one song is finishing, the next song starts to play softly and slowly ramps up, giving you a seamless transition from song to song. Dead air between songs is not something that keeps the party or the dancing going. A simple google search of “how to crossfade an iTunes playlist” should give you the latest instructions. Once you have your playlist set up, you can have iTunes do all of the crossfading for you.

3. Think about the guests at your reception when you're putting together your playlist. People generally like to dance to songs they know, so if you're really going for a full blown dance party, make sure that you are choosing songs that are going to resonate with the people celebrating with you. Since everyone wants to talk to the newlyweds, the bride and groom are sometimes too busy greeting their guests after dinner to have much time at all on the dance floor.

4. There is an art to making a good wedding playlist. Think of a roller coaster when you are arranging your song order- you want to build things up slowly and then hit a peak, then come back down a bit, then build things up even higher, and back and forth for a while.  Ease people out onto the dance floor, then keep them there by speeding things up a little.

5. Have a backup plan.  Make sure that you bring your iPod charger, but also bring your laptop with the songs on that. Maybe even have a friend bring another player with your playlist on it as well. This isn’t the time to take a chance on things!

What We Provide for iPod iPad Laptop CD Player Weddings in Arizona

Professional Sound Systems: Prices range from $150 for a system that can handle a wedding of 200, to $200 for one than can handle a wedding of 400. Larger systems are also available on request. Each includes two speakers, a mixer/power amp, a microphone, and all the cables and stands needed. Click here for sound system packages.

Easy Instructions: If you know how to run your iPod, CD Player, or laptop, then you already know most of what you have to do. The ability to turn the volume up is the second most complicated thing -- but it's no different than the one on your car radio.

Optional Delivery and Setup: For an additional fee, we can deliver, set up, and pick up the equipment at the end of the night. If you need to save even more money, you can do this yourself. It's EASY to set up and I'll show you how in minutes!

What You Provide

The Music: Music can be run from your iPod, iPad, CD Player, laptop, or just about any other music device you have. Each system has the ability to run one or several different music devices at the same time.

The Disc Jockey: You probably have a friend or family member who would make a great disc jockey. If you don't want a DJ, you can also just let the music run on it's own.

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