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Saturday26 November 2022

Big Deal Entertainment Featured on DIY Reception Blog

Rent Phoenix AZ Do It Yourself DJ Disk Jockey Sound EquipmentBig Deal Entertainment was recently featured on the DIY Reception Blog for our do-it-yourself DJ systems.

The blog said:

"In preparing our massive blog post where we give you places all over the nation to rent a sound system for your wedding, we’ve truly found a gem here, and they’re called ‘Big Deal Entertainment."

They went on to explain the Big Deal Entertainment concept of renting do-it-yourself disk jockey systems to help people avoid the high cost of hiring actual DJ's. Just hook up your laptop or iPod to run music all night. The setup is actually color coded and all you really need to know is how to use the volume knobs -- and each system also comes with a microphone you can use to MC your entire event.

DIYReception is the fruit of a successful wedding DJ company run by two best-friends. After working hundreds of weddings, they put there experience to work for those that couldn't afford a professional DJ, but still wanted a great wedding reception. They offer a complete guide for do-it-yourself receptions. It's a great resource to help to plan that includes dozens of playlists, setup guides, and more.

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