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Thursday29 September 2022

2019 Spring Wedding Trends

Spring 2019 Wedding Trends

The Royal Wedding between Megan Markle and Prince Harry has undoubtedly sparked some inspiration for 2019 wedding trends among designers, planners, and brides-to-be.

Details from the Royal Wedding will undoubtedly have an impact on the bridal industry. From wedding gowns to the cake, to the styling of the venue, weddings in the spring of 2019 are sure to be elegant with flare.

Combining conservative details fit for a duchess and hot new trends, prepare to see a wedding season marked with elegance and closeness.

Smaller Wedding Parties

In contrast with the big bow trend, many couples are opting for smaller bridal parties. Many brides no longer feel obligated to include their second-cousin once removed as a bridesmaid. While grooms as a whole typically don’t have many groomsmen, brides are starting to follow this tradition.

In fact, many couples are deciding to downsize their guest list to include only their families and closest friends. It’s a trend that will save time, stress, and money that is sure to take off in 2019.

Spring Wedding Colors

While rich greenery against white tablecloths was all the rage for the past two years, all good things must come to pass. Colored wedding dresses still aren’t a huge trend, but many modern brides are showing interest in color filled, yet elegant weddings.

Spring wedding colors for 2019 are sure to include pops of elegant colors like peach, rose, and lavender. Deep plums and blues will also be popular for vintage weddings.

Elegant Venues

Many brides in 2019 will be seeking the perfect outdoor wedding venue.

One of the hottest trends for wedding venues in Spring 2019 is southern elegance. This means beautifully restored barns decked with string lights. Chic, rustic designs are replacing “shabby-chic” and roundtables with proper linens are replacing bare farm tables.

Bye Bye, Buffet

The traditional line buffet may not be present at some couples wedding receptions. Instead, couples are opting for “family style” side dishes right on the table and spread out stations for the main dishes.

This trend will definitely encourage closeness and socialization among guests, which fits well with a smaller guest count.

Phone-Free Weddings

Many couples will be leaving cell phones off of the guest list in 2019.

Many couples are leaving it up to the professional photographer to capture their special day. Receptions might be phone-free zones, also. Some couples are planning to add a stylish “phone drop-box” to their wedding checklist.

While every wedding is beautiful and special, 2019 weddings will certainly bring back the closeness and elegance that seemed to have disappeared over years.

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