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Sunday07 August 2022

Arizona Horse Fair Horse Expo: Scottsdale AZ, Chilliwack BC, Red Deer AB

Mane Event Horse Expo: Scottsdale AZ, Cilliwack BC, Red Deer AB

Notice of Non-Payment of Vendors by the Arizona Horse Fair

The Arizona Horse Fair, a Canadian event company for horse expos and shows in Scottsdale AZ, Chilliwack BC, and Red Deer AB, contracted over $6,000 worth of sound equipment and audio staff for their horse trade show at WestWorld of Scottsdale. Big Deal Entertainment has not received payment beyond the initial reservation deposit.

What is perplexing is that the Arizona Horse Fair at WestWorld of Scottsdale was a huge success and everything sounded great all weekend long. We received many compliments from the attendees, clinicians, trainers, and exhibitors throughout the four day event. Owners Ron Barker and Gail Barker could not have need nicer during the event -- but once the show was over, they quickly headed back to their headquarters in Kamloops, British Columbia and left us with the an unpaid bill.

After some research, we found:

  • Chilliwack Heritage Park has not received any deposits or reservations to hold the venue for the October 2018 Mane Event Expo even though the Mane Event is selling tickets. (Arizona Horse Fair)
  • The Arizona Horse Fair's insurance company has sent out notices to their event venues that their bill was not paid and they will be cutting off their insurance.
  • The event rental company for last year's show in Chilliwack, BC, has served Ron and Gail Barker with papers for not paying for last year’s event to the tune of $9000.00.
  • The event rental company for the March 2018 Arizona Horse Fair show in Scottsdale, AZ still has not been paid in full for over $6000 in services.
  • In 2005, Ron Barker of the Arizona Horse Fair, received a lifetime market ban for defrauding investors. The British Columbia Securities Commission found that he violated securities laws when he committed fraud and lied to investors in raising more than $2.3-million from individuals in the Kamloops area. Click here for details.
  • Ron Barker also had seven charges imposed for violating bankruptcy laws. Click here for details.

The Arizona Horse Fair touts itself as a "family run" business. That may be true, but according to Zoom Info, their revenue is $1.4 million. Big Deal Entertainment is also a family run business with employees and overhead to pay -- and not being paid for a four day event is a huge loss for us.

Mane Event Horse Expo Show | Scottsdale AZ | Cilliwack BC | Red Deer AB

The Arizona Horse Fair has more shows schedule in the following locations:

Scottsdale AZ, Chilliwack BC, and Red Deer AB

Based on our experience, we warn all vendors, sponsors, or attendees to consider that you may not be paid in full by Ron Barker, Gail Barker, and The Arizona Horse Fair.

We post this review of Ron Barker and Arizona Horse Fair, in order to warn other vendors about our experience. You can help us by attempting to reach Ron Barker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on Arizona Horse Fair contact page at https://azhorsefair.com/contact-us/

You can also report the Arizona Horse Fair  Facebook Page

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