Tuesday05 December 2023

Help! I Don't Know What I'm Doing!

Are you the person who was assigned the task of finding a P.A. system for your event but have no idea what you’re doing? Don’t stress! More than half of our business comes from people just like you – and we’re more than happy to help you through it.

Unless you need something for a crowd of more than 400, renting, setting up, and running a P.A. system is easy!

What Sound System Should I Rent?

That usually depends on what you’re using it for. You can start by going to any one of these categories:

Just select your category and you'll see a wide range of sound systems organized by audience size and price ranges. These sound systems are just suggestions, so if you need something specific or would like us to make a recommendation, just click here to contact us.

Can I Really Do It Myself?

Of course you can! In fact, all of our equipment and cables are color-coded for easy setup. If you choose to do it yourself, we’ll give you a five minute run-through showing you how to do it when you pick up. If you can plug in four cables and operate a volume knob, there’s know reason you can’t do this. We even mark the knobs you’ll be using, which is typically only three. Our two smallest systems can even fit in mid-sized car.

We've rented to everyone from soccer Mom's to senior citizens -- and If you get stuck, we’re only a phone call away. It’s fool-proof!

No Really...How Hard Would This Be For Me To Do Myself?

The truth is, a basic P.A. system consists of only three primary pieces of equipment:

  • Mixer: The mixer is the central unit the power everything – similar to your home stereo. You can attach input devices like a microphone, iPod, CD player, or musical instrument and each will have its own volume control.
  • Speakers: The speakers come with stands and are attached with cables running to the outputs on the mixer.
  • Cables: For a basic system, you'll really only have about four cables to plug in: Two speaker cables, a microphone cable, and a laptop/iPod cable. We have all of these color coded for an easy setup.

You just plug in a few color-coded cables, turn it on, and before you know it, the party has started.

Three Sound System Rental Options

If you’re still a bit nervous to do this yourself, we have three rental options:

  • Do It Yourself: Pickup, setup, and return the equipment yourself. This saves you the most money since all you will be paying for is the equipment rental cost.
  • A Little Help: We can deliver and setup the equipment, but you run it during the event. Delivery and setup costs vary depending on the location of your event. After the event is done, we’ll come pick it up.
  • We Do It All: This would include delivery, setup, and a sound tech to run the equipment during your event. Typically, this is for live music events. We are not a DJ service, so if you’re renting to play recorded music, you’ll need to provide that. Costs for this vary depending on the length of your event, plus the renal cost of the equipment.

Still Confused?

Just call us at (480) 280-1075 or click here to contact us.

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