Tuesday03 October 2023

Chauvet Hive Multicolored Beams of Light Effect - $50

Rent Multicolored Light Beams | Stage Lighting Effects Rental Phoenix AZBold, multicolored beams of light!

Chauvet Hive emits bold, multicolored beams to give any mobile application that “rock star” look. High-power red, green and blue LEDs emit tight, concentrated beams from six fixed-angle lenses. Create customized looks in DMX mode, or allow built-in, automated and sound-active programs to work the show.

Pair it with a fog or haze machine to create eye-catching, mid-air effects. Click here to contact us.

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  • Emits bold, multicolored beams designed for any mobile application in need of effects
  • Floods any size venue with tight, focused beams using 6 large-diameter lenses
  • Achieve bright, multicolored beams using 18 high-power red, green, and blue LEDs
  • Create an endless combination of customized effects with individual pod control
  • Sound-activated programs dance to the beat of the music
  • Generate synchronized shows in master/slave mode with easy-access to built-in automated programs

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